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The luxury industry is ever-changing. Some trends come and go but others prove to be timeless. Ignoring luxury trends is a sure way to miss on growth opportunities. However, it's never been harder to stay on top of the latest trends than today.

So... what works in luxury today?

  • When in doubt, do as Jacquemus & Balenciaga do
    In times of uncertainty, being creative and audacious is key. By taking risks and experimenting with new ideas, a few brands are succeeding.

    Balenciaga and Jacquemus' success show that brands can thrive amid these uncertain times.
  • Go after the second-hand market
    The second-hand luxury goods market is booming, and brands are exploring more new ways to go after them.

    Sellers, buyers and personal shoppers alike have all decided that luxury goods can be just as good second hand. Some argue that some goods are even better old.

    While the window of opportunity to join in this trend may be closing for some, there are still plenty of opportunities for innovation and success.
  • Go full degen mode with Web3

    Luxury brands today are at a crossroads. Many brands have tried launching NFTs and metaverse experiences with more or less success...

    But one thing is for sure: those  that leverage web3 and understand its impact on the customer journey will win.

    It's time to go from a tactical approach to a strategic one!

I hope this newsletter will inspire you, surprise you and make you think… What the Luxe?!


David Klingbeil

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Luxury Book Spotlight

A few week ago, I've had a great chat with Marc Montagne. Marc is a true watch lover. He told me about his latest book: Invest in watches

Invest in watches is a great read (or gift) for luxury watch lovers as well as newcomers. More than a textbook, it's:

  • A guide for watch collectors that covers everything about watch investing : which watches to buy, how to buy at auctions, how to value a piece, state of the industry ...
  • Tips from an insider of the watch industry and top writer on Quora about watches
  • Not just a book about watch investing but a good read for anyone that simply loves watches

Get your copy on Amazon here: Invest in watches

* This is not an ad, I've bought my own copy of the book and genuinely appreciated Marc's work

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