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Long form content (>1min)

The Business of Fashion - The Debrief | Luxury E-Commerce’s Big Challenge ( 24m24 )

Cartier - Cartier Trait d'Union: Capturing Transparency ( 1m22 )

HYPEBEAST - Digital Balenciaga Jackets to $130k Dunks - This Makes It Possible | Behind the HYPE: Unreal Engine ( 5m29 )

Short form content (<1min)

Balmain - BALMAIN x EVIAN ( 15s )

GUCCI - Gucci Vault Land in The Sandbox ( 47s )

Hermès - Hermès | Cabriole, The scent of their childhood ( 15s )

Louis Vuitton - A Countryside Escape with Eve Jobs I LOUIS VUITTON ( 39s )

Christian Dior - #DiorASMR: the savoir-faire behind the Dior Essential bag ( 10s )

Guerlain - GUERLAIN | L'Heure Bleue by Yves Klein: The Exceptional Piece ( 15s )

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Luxury is as much about business as it is about creativity. Staying inspired is key. Here’s a selection of what keeps me inspired:

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