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The glocalization

Carrying the weight of many centuries of history, today's luxury is more globalized than ever before.

It spans from France's jewellery to Italy's fashion, and it includes Germany's cars, America's handbags, the UK's tailoring and even Cuba's cigars.

Yet it is more connected to its roots than ever before. Craftsmanship and "made in" labels are key in luxury, which continue to be at the heart of all good marketing strategies.

To get ahead in this new era of luxury marketing when consumers are brand agnostic, marketers need to strike a delicate balance between local roots and global reach.

As digital, purpose and web3 are being tossed into the mix, this balance becomes more and more difficult to strike...

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David Klingbeil

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  • Balmain to tap into the beauty market with the help of Estée Lauder
  • Have luxury sneakers become too pricey for Gen Z consumers?
  • Mr Porter launches exclusive capsule with Marni
  • What next for Burberry under the creative direction of Daniel Lee?
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GUCCI - The illusion begins and ends at the walls that surround us. #GucciTwinsburg ( 15s )

Hermès - Hermès | Nouer ( 19s )

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