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🛍️  Experience & Retail
⛓️ Web3 & The Metaverse
🌲 Sustainability & Purpose
💼 Business & Finance
  • Swatch Group is raising prices across most of its brands
  • LVMH announces record results in 2022 despite China
  • Canada Goose eyes $3 billion in annual revenue by 2028
📺  Marketing and Advertising
✌🏼 Misc

Long form content (>1min)

IWC Watches - #ThankYouTom for being the Reference. ( 1m41 )

Maison Margiela - Maison Margiela | Clothes-in-Movement ( 5m21 )

Ruinart - DOM RUINART 2010 | Ep. 1 The Roots of Creation ( 4m41 )

Short form content (<1min)


Girard-Perregaux - Bevelling: unlock all the steps behind the 55 hand-polished inner angles of the GP01800 caliber ( 50s )

Michael Kors - Michael Kors Gorgeous | Spring 2023 ( 29s )

Pomellato - POMELLATO TOGETHER ( 19s )

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