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⛓️ Web3 & The Metaverse
🌲 Sustainability & Purpose
💼 Business & Finance
📺  Marketing and Advertising
✌🏼 Misc

Long form content (>1min)

Maison Margiela - Maison Margiela Co-Ed Collection 2023 ( 3m16 )

Armani - Giorgio Armani - Icon Collection ( 1m15 )

Hennessy - “I'm always trying to find humans that speak with sincerity” ( 1m03 )

Short form content (<1min)

Guerlain - Guerlain x Maison Matisse: The Exceptional Piece | GUERLAIN ( 15s )

Jaeger-LeCoultre - ‘Passengers: Through Time’, an original artwork by Guillaume Marmin | Jaeger-LeCoultre ( 33s )

CHANEL - The Film of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2023 Pre-Collection Campaign — CHANEL ( 53s )

Cartier - Cartier: Love is Red ( 15s )

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