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The luxury industry is about to witness a web3 revolution.

Okay, hold my champagne.

Luxury has been slow to embrace new technologies for years. But recently the trends have changed with brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton that have launched multiple web3 projects and hired several web3 experts.

It's a little scary but also exciting for both brands and marketers. Countless NFT projects are coming out on a weekly basis, promising to bring important improvements to entire industries.

This new trend is all the more interesting, because it will allow brands to boldly integrate web3 innovations into their overall strategies. It will be a revolution.

To understand this upcoming revolution, I've put together 5 content to snack on in order to level-up your web3 game:

  1. Learnings from the virtual Fashion Week in the metaverse
  2. 100 articles about Luxury & Web3
  3. The 5 major opportunities in Web3 for luxury brands (in French)
  4. My interview about metaverse & luxury in the special edition of the luxury journal (in French)
  5. Whitelist spots for a cool upcoming NFT collection

I hope this newsletter will inspire you, surprise you and make you think… What the Luxe?!


David Klingbeil

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1 - Learnings from the virtual Fashion Week in the metaverse

I’ve had the pleasure to interview Dave Carr, head of business development at Parcel. Parcel is the first NFT marketplace tailored exclusively for virtual real estate users; think about it like "Zillow for the metaverse".

Dave has been quite involved in onboarding brands in the metaverse. For this week’s What The Block, I’ve asked him for his top learning around the virtual fashion week hosted by Decentraland earlier this year.

Here’s what Dave from Parcel had to share about it:

WTB: What are 3 learnings from this virtual fashion week that brands must keep in mind?

Dave Carr:

  1. Partner with active community members in the project. They can help you engage with the community which is crucial to a successful experience. This is key. It’s not about replicating what you’re already doing.
  2. Immersion, interactivity and ownership are key characteristics of the open metaverse . Give your customers the chance to participate and have a genuine connection with your brand. Product and merchandise drops, and gamification are popular features.
  3. More specifically for fashion: functional wearables are shaping up as a huge element in the metaverse fashion industry, as well as digital twins and physical versions of digital assets.

WTB: What are the most interesting brand use cases of the metaverse that you've seen

DC: It’s early days and the things we look for – and advise brands to consider – are enhancements of activities in the real world or complementary experiences that offer new forms of connection with your brand...

👉  Read the rest of the interview on What The Block
(What the Luxe's sister newsletter about all things web3)

2 - 100 articles about Luxury & Web3

As many loyal WTL subscribers have noticed, I've became pretty obsessed about web3 over the last few years. Months after months I've been discovering and learning more about this fantastic revolution.

On this journey, I've set aside hundreds of articles about the best ways luxury brands were onboarding on web3. This week I've decided to share my top articles with you:

  • If you're a premium subscriber, you'll get my top 100 articles
  • If you're a free subscriber, you'll get a teaser of this list with 50 articles.

3 - Podcast: 5 major opportunities in Web3 for luxury brands (in French)

I've been interviewed on the fantastic Marketing Square Podcast for a series of episodes about brands and web3.

The latest episode has been released this week and highlights the top Web3 opportunities for luxury brands.

If you speak French, feel free to listen to the 10-min episode here:

4 - My interview about metaverse & luxury in the special edition of the luxury journal (in French)

Le Journal du Luxe - a leading magazine for luxury news in France - has invited me to contribute to their special edition about "Luxury, NFTs and the Metaverse".  I've had the chance to explain the foundational principles of web3 and why it matters for luxury brands.

The full interview is 3 pages long and can be found alongside fantastic contributions by thought leaders such as:

  • Joel Hazan, Co-founder, BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP
  • Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, BREITLING
  • Pierre Nicolas Hurstel, CEO, ARIANEE
  • Michael Bouhanna, Co-Head of Digital Art Sales, SOTHEBY'S
  • Bob Sinclar, DJ
  • Gautier Pigasse, Head of Innovation & Blockchain, LVMH
  • Sandrine Deveaux, VP Future Retail, FARFETCH
  • Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer, LEDGER

A must read!

Get a copy of this impressive special edition here (in French)

5 - Whitelist spots for a cool upcoming NFT collection

I've been asked to advise several brands and web3 projects in the last few months. One of the coolest initiative I've been consulting with is KatMonstarz, an NFT collection launched by a team of "degens".

In addition to their growing community and the crazy universe they've managed to create, the founders of this project bring with them decades of experience in the luxury industry.

The KatMonstarz team is offering a free mint pass for their NFT collection to 50 lucky readers of What The Luxe. Here is how to get yours:

Get a  *Free Mint Pass* for the upcoming *KatMonstarz Collection!   **

Limited Supply - First come, first serve! Up to 50 spots  🙀🙀

🆓 __**To get Your free mint Pass**__🆓

1) Join the KatMonstarz Discord

2) Post « what the luxe » into the chat

3) You'll be granted with Kat Friend role and you will be able to access the *🔥free-mint-pass channel*

4) Click on the "**LFG**" Button in the channel and enter your ETH wallet address

5) You are now registered. You will receive your Free Mint Pass in a few days via airdrop.

__Make sure to check your hidden folder on Opensea & unhide it!__ (It will be a polygon NFT)

The Mint of the Katmonstarz will start on **25th of June**.

🔗 __**Official links: **__🔗

Website - Twitter - Medium - Discord

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