🔮💎 When luxury is not taking itself too seriously #74

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Cute dogs, cool drones and the metaverse

Luxury is a grown-up's industry. One that takes itself seriously, treats its consumers and employees with respect, while building recognizable brands and formidable businesses.

But things are getting lighter and brighter. This summer is all about fun and frivolity. It feels good to let off steam some times and try new things.

Gucci Pet's adorable campaign

For luxury, it means the following things are happening:

  • Gucci has released the most adorable campaign ever launched by a luxury brands for its new luxury pet collection (featuring the cutest fur babies)
  • IWC is conquering the skies with an impressive drone show in Seoul
  • Jacquemus is partnering with Nike for one of the most anticipated collab of the year

Meanwhile, luxury brands are also keeping their eyes on the future with more web3 projects being launched every day. Lacoste, Bentley, Gucci, ... and I'm only naming a few!

Seriously, reply to this email and I'll share 30 or 50 web3 examples from luxury brands with you.

It's a reminder that even when things seem light, we're still trying to make them better — and using tech as one of our tools.

IWC Seoul drone show

I hope this newsletter will inspire you, surprise you and make you think… What the Luxe?!


David Klingbeil

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Long form content (>1min)

Guerlain - GUERLAIN | L'Art & La Matière: Guerlain Master Perfumer Thierry Wasser meets Mélanie Thierry ( 1m32 )

TAG Heuer - TAG Heuer | Drone show in Monaco ( 3m57 )

Balmain - Balmain x Cole NFT Collab for the Balmain Unicorn Sneaker Drop ( 1m05 )

Short form content (<1min)

IWC Watches - IWC - Seoul Drone Show ( 55s )

GUCCI - The Gucci Pet Collection ( 1m01 )

BOSS - BOSSxKhaby | BOSS ( 5s )


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