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Q3 is ending with a bang

I can't believe 2022 is coming to an end and it's been 918 days since the 15 days to slow the spread... The world will be so different by the end of 2022 as it was at the end of 2019...

As everybody's trying to figure out how to make the world a better place, we see more and more brands wanting to play their part. Take the surge in sustainable projects as an example.

Patagonia’s founder has announced he's giving his company away to fight climate change and everybody has started to applaud... But we're not all Patagonia and we should beware of greenwashing...

On the tech side, the biggest event in crypto has just happened. The merge was successfully finalized.

This means that the Ethereum blockchain (where most NFT projects are created) is now the most sustainable blockchain. So many possibilities are opening for luxury brands that were reluctant to explore web3 because of sustainability issues.

Boom, issues are gone, let's f*cking go now!

But the luxury space is quite silent about it. Only a handful of luxury web3 projects have emerged in the last few weeks. Is something bigger about to happen? Well, Hermès has registered its first patents in the Metaverse so that's probably something...

I hope this newsletter will inspire you, surprise you and make you think… What the Luxe?!


David Klingbeil

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  • Kanye West says he’s ending Yeezy partnership with Gap
  • Zinedine Zidane is new face of Montblanc
  • 58% of Brits think brand tributes to The Queen are nothing more than PR tactics
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Hermès - Hermès | A lighthearted day ( 1m )

Christian Dior - BORN IN THE WILD, CRAFTED BY DIOR - Indonesian Patchouli ( 32s )

Berluti - Berluti - Playoff - ( 15s )

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