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Successful luxury brands today are those that understand how to feed the consumer's appetite for culture, because it is not only a trend but also a necessity.

And if there's something that the simple art of culture is best known for, well, it's giving luxury brands a way to show off and indulge their creativity (and share a bit of wisdom along the way).

Luxury brands have always associated themselves with culture and celebrated great artists. The influence of culture is surely noticeable in fashion.

In its latest campaign "The Exquisite Gucci Campaign", the Italian luxury brand show how cinema - such as Kubrik's Space Odyssey - continues to inspire the brand.

Today, the cultural references brand use can be even more surprising than just the usual suspects. For instance, it's the CryptoPunks NFT collection that inspired Tiffany&Co last month for a special virtual & physical launch. This month, Tiffany doubles down on this trend as the brand has announced to have created the trophy of the League of Legends video game world championship.

Last, technology itself can inspire luxury. The latest example of this comes from GenZ's favorite social app: TikTok. In effect, TikTok has become such a cultural phenomenon that it is influencing fashion's aesthetics and even the way people look for content.

I hope this newsletter will inspire you, surprise you and make you think… What the Luxe?!


David Klingbeil

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  • Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Names Lil Nas X as US Brand Ambassador
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Long form content (>1min)

GUCCI - The Exquisite Gucci Campaign ( 1m26 )

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Hermès - Hermès | Modeler ( 22s )

Valentino - Mastery Tales: Valentino Eyewear ( 1m )

Acqua di Parma - Our latest creation, Magnolia Infinita ( 20s )

Bulgari - Octo Finissimo 8 Days Savoir-Faire | Bulgari Watches ( 1m )

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